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Preserving Gaming History

This website is dedicated to those around the world that collect chips from unlicenced (illegal) clubs.

There is nothing worse to an illegal chip collector than having an initial chip and not knowing where it was in use.

The old manufacturers records on this site can be attributed to many of us researching initial chips over the years. Those of us involved in illegal chip collecting have invested many research hours and dollars accumulating these records. We now share them with the world.

Gene Trimble CC&CTCC Life Member 2192-170, David Spragg CC&GTCC Life Member 6180-166

The main focus of the website is the distributors cards for the companies that supplied a large proportion of illegal gaming pieces.  These distributors also supplied many licensed gaming establishments and home orders in their own right, and records for those are also included.  This website will be a constant 'work in progress'.  As of October 2009 over 600 man hours has been spent formatting and indexing nearly 7,000 records detailing orders of over 15,000 different chips and other gaming supplies.  In addition, we present various other articles, documents and catalogs from the maunfacturers, and a memorial tribute to the late Janice O'Neal.

Credit for the amassing of the data on this site, in no particular order, goes to but is not limited to those listed at the bottom of this page.


Before using this site for the first time, please read the notes on the search page.

The records on this website are in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Reader to view them.  If you do not have it you can download the latest version free by clicking the icon below.

You may also find the following links useful:
Research articles by Gene Trimble
Research articles by Dr. Allan Myers
Ed Hertel's website and Illegals guide (available for download)


Gene Trimble, joint author of The Records of The HC Edwards Company
David Sarles, chip collector and historian
Mark Lighterman, joint author of The Records of The HC Edwards Company
Allan Myers, joint author of The Chip Rack and The Gaming Table
Michael Knapp, joint author of The Chip Rack and The Gaming Table
Ernie Wheelden, joint author of The Chip Rack and The Gaming Table
Steve Goodrich, author of The Casino Chips of Montana & The Casino Chips of Washington State
Ed Hertel, author of Price Guide for Illegal Casino Chips
Rick Olsen, author of The Collectors Guide to Casino Dice
Jim Linduff, Roy Klein & Larry Trapp, Northern KY chip collectors and historians
Dave Brown, Illegal chip collector and historian
Pete Lowell, Black Clay Industries
Paul Bender, Indiana chip collector
Dennis O’Neal, TR King
Jerry & Janice O'Neal
Matthew DeMichele & Gary Potter, Eastern KY University
David Spragg, Webmaster

Unauthorised use of any of the data on this website strictly prohibited.  This website is maintained by Marlow Casino Chips.

Preserving gaming history is apart of the CC&GTCC Museum of Gaming History project.

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